Kayaking In the Amazing Venice Canal

Famous for its waterways, Venice is a must see by boat. But why not swap gondolas for kayaks and take your city into your own hands?

With its sparkling canals and vast lagoons, nowhere else in the world is quite like Venice. For a truly unique way to explore The Floating City, why not swap out a traditional gondola for your own set of oars and try Venice kayaking? It offers a more unusual and adventurous way to see the city, allowing you to see hidden alleys and secret corners from a whole new angle that most visitors don’t.

Solo trip

Kayaking in Venice is ideal for independent travelers who like to travel into their own hands. With only one person per boat, it’s the perfect method of transport for those who want to explore following their own nose. It’s also fantastic because it gives your city a break that extra adrenaline kick, cranking up your visit.

Try the Tour

If you are looking for a guide to kayaking in Venice, there are many different types of tours available, such as those listed below.

City Tours: For those new to Venice, there are many types of tours that take you along the city’s smaller canals. You can choose what type of tour to choose, depending on how much time you have. Some are only two hours long, while others are full-day tours with an inclusive lunch break.

T again, you can take a city tour that focuses on the history of Venice. On this fantastic visit, you can go at a slower pace and absorb the stories of the city across the ages. And, for those who want an additional special experience, the night tour is well worth booking. After all, what could be better than rowing under the lights of the Rialto Bridge and venturing into the dark depths outside St Mark’s Square?

Lagoons and Islands: For the more experienced, a tour of the Venetian lagoon and among the many scattered islands is the perfect choice. I would recommend opting for a full day tour and heading to the islands of Burano and Torcello, both of which are hidden gems: the former has many charming and brightly colored houses, and the latter boasts ancient churches and magnificent mosaics.

Private Tours: If you are looking for a more exclusive experience that takes you away from large tour groups, there are also many private tour options available at slightly higher costs. This is especially valuable if you don’t know the best places to visit and want a guide to help shape your route for you

What You Need To Know Before You Go

Previous kayaking experiences aren’t important – many tours cater to beginners, and are led by professional guides who help you travel safely along the canals. However, if you’re taking a longer tour it’s definitely worth getting some practice on before you go.

You don’t have to carry a lot with your gear, as you will be provided with essential supplies, but it helps to come prepared with the right type of clothing. If you already have a wetsuit that kicks in, then don’t forget to pack them up – they’ll always come in handy! Any mountable body camera holder will also serve you well when you’re trying to take some shots while rowing.

Finally, consider taking a tour with a trained guide. Whether you’re new to kayaking or not, nothing beats local expert knowledge of tidal conditions and traffic flows.

How to Get There

With the Shuttle Direct service, you’ll be kayaking in Venice before you can rock your paddle. Once you arrive at Marco Polo Airport after your two hour flight, our shuttle service can take you across to the heart of the city in 25 minutes. If you have a lot of equipment with you, just let our driver know when you pre-book your trip. That way, they can make sure your transfer to the city is as easy as possible. Happy kayaking!

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