Guide On Drying Your Inflatable Kayak For The Sea

Having an Inflatable Kayak for the ocean is something exciting and beautiful. But you have to take care of it properly. You need to maintain with accuracy to stay safe and healthy. In the first step of keeping your Inflatable Kayak healthy, it requires proper drying or there may be fungus or bacteria which will hold back your Kayak in the long run. Not only inhibits but also gradually spoils your favorite Kayak.

Most of us clean Peebles, grit, rock, grime and grime very carefully, but are reluctant in the matter of drying them. But it must be properly dried so that any moisture you didn’t miss is removed. Here I will try to provide an easy guide that will help you dry your Kayak properly in the shortest possible time.

How To Dry Your Inflatable Kayak For The Ocean

If you want to dry your Kayak properly, it is better to let it dry in the sun for a while before starting the drying process. If you don’t have enough time then you can start the following process straight away.

You will need at least two towels to dry your Kayak properly. Remove all removable accessories like extra bags, chairs and everything else. Now you need to start cleaning the outer surface. Dry the outer surface completely and move on to the next step.

The next step is to deflate your floor or tip your kayak to the side or upside down so that the excess water can dry out automatically. Check for sand, gravel or dirt if found clean that too. But most importantly dry the entire area with the help of a towel.

Next, you have to deflate any remaining accessories and use your towel to absorb all moisture.

Then with another towel dry completely. The whole process is fairly straightforward and won’t take too much time or effort. Now turn on your deflated Kayak and dry the bottom completely using a towel.

The question may arise in your mind which does it require thorough drying like that always? The answer is no, absolutely not. When you use your Kayak often enough, like once a week, then it doesn’t need to be dried with this much accuracy.

However, if you are going to use it after a long time, you have to dry it thoroughly and properly, or else mold and bacteria can develop and it will smell bad. Not only that, it can permanently damage your favorite Inflatable Kayak. In a long time keeping it, make sure every step is followed with accuracy. This time you have to provide proper cleaning too.

Final Words: Following the above steps, it will be easier to dry your Inflatable Kayak properly, and after a few times, you will become an expert. When caring for your best inflatable Kayak for the oceans you should always remember that Peebles and sand are not a threat to your Kayak but water and humidity are definitely a big threat to your Kayak. In order to keep it safe you shouldn’t be reluctant for this problem.

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